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ID - Colour My World by SirFlamboyantWreckID - Colour My World by SirFlamboyantWreck





"Look who's under the mistletoe!" Aqua crowed drunkenly, giggling against her boyfriend Terra. Kairi blushed bright red as she looked up, seeing the bundle of leaves with white berries hanging above the doorway she and Sora were standing in. She stood on her tiptoes to pick a berry off and gave Sora a quick peck on the lips that left him looking slightly dazed.

Aqua giggled some more as she turned her gaze to her small blonde friend, smile widening as she hatched an idea. "Hey Venny, come over here a sec." The blonde in question made his way over to her, stumbling a bit when she tossed an arm over his shoulder, "You alright, Aqua?" She nodded as she knocked back the last of her drink, "Yeah, Terra's watching me to make sure I don't drink too much. Anyway, I just thought of something. Did you ever tell Vanitas that you liked him?"

Ven's eyes widened slightly and he shushed her, "Don't say that so loud, I don't want all of Radiant Garden High to know. To answer your question, no I haven't. Why?" His eyes narrowed as she searched the crowd for Vanitas' spiky black hair, "You need to tell him sometime. Why not do a lap around the party and end up there?" She tilted her head over to the doorframe with mistletoe above it. Ven blushed slightly and mumbled, "I don't even know if he likes guys or not, I've only ever seen him with girls. Besides, this isn't exactly the best place to-"

"Vanitas!! Come over here, I wanna talk to you!" Ven was interrupted by Aqua raising her voice and gesturing wildly with her hands. Ven, mortified, tried pulling one of her arms to get her to stop. But he was too late as he spied the raven haired teen making his way over to them. At least something good came out of this, Ven was able to admire the teen's toned arms, the way his clothes clung to his body as if they were painted on, his eyes the hypnotic color of molten gold.

Vanitas smiled at the two of them, his teeth white and perfectly straight, "Hey Aqua, Ventus. How are you enjoying the party?"

"Demyx always throws the best parties, it's gonna be less exciting around here when he heads off to university next year," Ventus commented, taking a sip of the drink he'd been nursing all night. "Yeah, but we still have Axel for another year. His parties are just as good." Aqua then looked at Ven intently, her eyes flicking to Vanitas quickly as if saying 'Go on, tell him!'

Just as Ven was about to open his mouth to suggest they go over to the couch to talk for a bit, Vanitas said, "Hey Ven, your cup is looking a little low there. Do you want some more?"

"Actually I can't have anymore then this if I'm still gonna be the designated driver for these two, but wasn't there food at the drink table too? I'd be happy to have some of that." Vanitas nodded and led the way over to the table, picking a chocolate covered cookie for himself. He leaned against the doorframe, taking a bite out of his cookie, "So you're gonna stay sober for those two knuckleheads, instead of letting loose and enjoying yourself?"

Ven laughed and ran a hand through his hair, "I might as well. I don't really like to drink too much, but Aqua drinks so excessively that I'd rather know she'll be safe if I can get her home myself, the same goes for Terra."

Vanitas' lips turned up into a half smile, murmuring, "I wish I was that responsible. But that generally falls to Sor's friend Riku." Ventus leaned against the doorframe opposite Vanitas, shaking his head, "That's alright. As long as you're enjoying yourself and still have a way to get home safely, that's all that matters."

"Hey guys, look up," Terra called to Ven and Vanitas. Both boys looked up to see a bunch of mistletoe above them, cheeks flaring red. They looked at each other and Ven turned away mumbling, "It's alright if you don't want to, I mean I wouldn't want to kiss someone I have no-" "Ven." The way his name was said made Ven turn to see Vanitas looking at him intensely, his gold eyes boring into his sapphire ones. Vanitas reached up to pull a single white berry off of the mistletoe, showing it to Ven as he stepped forward.

He leaned in and tilted Ven's head up slightly, his breath a ghost of a whisper on his skin, "Well, it is tradition. Besides, I could never pass up the chance to kiss someone so cute." Ven's eyes widened as Vanitas pressed their lips together softly, his hand stroking the blonde's cheek. The kiss ended too soon, Vanitas stepping back and lightly chewing on his bottom lip. "Sorry, I shouldn't have-" Ven reached up to circle his arms around the raven haired teen's neck and brought their lips together again, deepening the kiss. Vanitas sighed softly into the kiss, Ven taking the chance to snake his tongue into the other's mouth. Ven LOVED the way he tasted, like dark chocolate and peppermint.

Ven took hold of the black spikes just above Vanitas' neck, the groan he let out rumbling against his lips, wanting more. Vanitas' hands found the belt loops on Ven's pants, bringing him closer, practically pressed flush against his body. Ven gasped as he felt a familiar hardness press against his stomach, his hips instinctively grinding into the taller teen. Vanitas let out a low moan and lightly nibbled on the blonde's lower lip, hearing a soft whine escape his lips. Ven broke away suddenly, the loss of body heat making Vanitas grasp the younger teen's wrists in desperation, his gold eyes dark. Ven's own eyes were half-lidded, desire evident in their blue depths. A shiver went through him and he breathed heavily, feeling like he couldn't possibly get enough of Vanitas.

Suddenly, Aqua threw her arms around Ven's shoulders, poking and teasing the pair, "Oh my GOSH you guys, come up for air why don't cha? You two are SO freaking adorable!" Ven turned red at her words, carefully patting her arm as Terra collected his girlfriend and coaxed her onto the couch. Ven leaned up and placed a soft kiss on Vanitas' lips, murmuring, "God, why did I wait so long to kiss you?" Vanitas smirked and replied, "I don't know. But now that you have, you're mine. And I'm definitely not going to let you get away." Ven smiled brightly as Vanitas put his arm around his shoulder possessively, stepping away from the doorway and out of their little bubble of intimacy.
Here is something i wrote for VanVen Day last year, i just got into this pairing and i find it really hot <3

Enjoy and lemme know what u think in the comments below!

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Naruto POV

The pancakes I made for Sasuke and I smelled delicious, but they were missing the most important things: syrup and whipped cream. When I was finished dressing the pancakes in the sweet, caramel-colored liquid, I topped it off with a lot of whipped cream. I dabbed a bit of the cool, white cream onto the top of my finger and licked it off. Now I felt eyes on my back and at the same time a low voice whispered, "Oooh, can I have some?" I turned to meet the pitch black eyes of my lover, Sasuke Uchiha.

I cocked a half-smile and held up my finger, "Sorry. No more." He leaned in close, his eyes on my lips, and whispered, "Yes there is, my little fox." He ran his tongue across my bottom lip, taking away the last traces of the whipped cream. He looked at me with half-lidded dark eyes, asking for permission which I granted. I felt his arms pull me closer to him, backing both of us up against the counter. I threaded my fingers into Sasuke's black hair as I felt him lift me off my feet and set me down on the counter top. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pressed myself closer to Sasuke, his tongue exploring my mouth. I moaned softly as I felt his hand snake it's way up my back, teasingly tracing intricate patterns into my skin.

Sasuke grasped my wrists, pulled them out of his hair and lifted off my shirt. He kissed my lips once more before pulling away, shaking the can of whipped cream I previously had. I gasped as he drew the cream in an arc on my collarbone, leading down my chest to my navel, my hands resting on his shoulders. His black eyes had a dark light in them as he stared up at me, his lips working on my skin. I tipped my head back, closed my eyes, and because of my masochistic tendencies, moaned as he bit me gently. He sucked and licked his way down my chest until he dipped his tongue in the soft curves of my navel. Sasuke traced his fingers along the line of blonde hair that vanished beneath my waistline, teasing.

Without warning, the dark haired boy slipped off my pants with lightning speed and ground our hips together roughly. Sure, his teasing turned me on like he wouldn't believe, but this action surprised me so much that I groaned louder. Sasuke's lips turned up into a smirk, obviously pleased with my reaction, and ground himself harder against me. He gripped my hair and forced my head back gently, trailing kisses on my neck and jawline. He kissed the tender spot behind my ear and whispered, "God, you taste amazing Naruto," as he lightly licked and nibbled my ear. The feeling of his hardness beneath the roughness of his jeans drove me crazy, so I pressed closer to him, nibbling at his neck. Sasuke's hands moved south to my waist, and in front to ghost delicate hands across my lower body. The small contact made me moan, "" He smiled and whispered, "As you wish, my fox."

Sasuke stepped back and removed his clothing, returning to shower kisses along my neck and back. He turned me around to lean over the counter and laid a soft kiss on my cheek, rubbing himself against my ass causing me to whimper. Just then, the door to the kitchen swung open and my pink haired best friend walked in. She barely opened her mouth to speak when her eyes landed on us on the counter. "Naruto..?!" "Sakura," I squeaked over my shoulder. Her hand flew to her mouth and she turned to walk away, no longer looking at us. I turned to Sasuke, "I know she's walked in on us before, but never this early in the morning. Maybe we should wait till your lunch break." The dark eyed smiled and touched our foreheads together, "Sure, Naruto. Anything you want." He kissed me and walked out of the kitchen, taking his plate of pancakes with him.
Whipped Cream
A/N - So I keep finding stories that I never posted in the back of my journals lol. I THINK this is the last one, the only SasuNaru story I've ever done. I hope y'all enjoy! Please R&R! it really helps.
Zexion POV

I sat with my back against a tree in the center of the courtyard, a book in my lap. "Hey Zexion!" I looked up to see a boy with platinum blonde hair running towards me from across the courtyard. "Zex, c'mon. Come with me to the auditorium. I heard that their department is working on the show. Axel's there." I laughed at the tall blonde sitarist, bouncing around like an excited puppy.

"C'mon! Roxas will be there too." This caught my attention more then anything else he said, "Roxas?" Demyx's eyes lit up, "Yeah! Now hurry up." I collected my books, piled them into my bag and took off across the campus with Demyx. A few minutes later, we skidded to a halt outside the auditorium's double glass doors. We walked in the lobby-like entrance and then silently down the aisle. The people on stage probably couldn't see us because only the stage lights were on.

I didn't know what their play was this year, but I figured it out when I saw the banner above the stage; Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. I looked up to see Roxas looking uncomfortable wearing a collarbone length blonde wig, a simple blue dress that went to his knees and slightly heeled black strapped heels; he was Alice I suppose. He was onstage with a red haired girl wearing a pure white dress, silver heels and black lipstick holding a white wig in her hand.

"But Ms. Sakamoto! I don't even know how to put this thing on." The quiet drama instructor said, "Don't worry Angelina, Roxas will be able to help you. He's worn plenty of wigs in his shows during his last two years here, right Roxas?" The blonde spoke for the first time, "Yeah, come with me backstage, I'll help you." Angelina followed Roxas behind the curtain and Ms. Sakamoto directed more of her students onto the stage. I quietly slinked towards the door leading backstage, opening it and taking a moment to let my eyes adjust to my darker surroundings. I crept towards the dim light I could see on the floor peeking out from under the thick, red curtains.

I heard Roxas panicked voice, "Angelina! No - hmph!" I pushed the curtain aside to see Angelina kissing Roxas, my Roxas, his sapphire eyes wide with surprise. I stood motionless for a few seconds before I moved forward and wrenched Angelina away from the immobile blonde. She stared at Roxas, completely ignoring my presence, looking for any kind of response. Roxas stood silent for a few moments before quietly saying, "'m really sorry, but..." Angelina made a motion for him to stop, "Rox, you don't have to explain. I get it, I shouldn't have done that without asking." She laid a soft kiss on his cheek and walked out the door leading to the drama room instead of the auditorium, her tear-filled eyes meeting mine. After she passed, my attention went straight to the blonde, his face in his hands. I walked up slowly, but before I could speak, he said, "Damn it, we already lost our Mad Hatter, we can't afford to lose the White Queen...fuck..."

I suddenly had an idea as he said that. "Hey Rox, what if I can get you people for those parts? Do ya think Professor Aerith would mind?" Roxas thought about for it a second before saying, "You'd have to clear it with her first but go ahead." About forty minutes later, I came back with my friend Namine, she seemed just PERFECT for the White Queen. My choice for the Mad Hatter was a surprise for Roxas. Namine performed her lines, looking at the script, in front of the other cast members and Professor Aerith. After Namine, the Professor called out, "And for the role of the Mad Hatter, Mr. Zexion Miyano."

As I walked to the stage, I heard whispers of, "He's an actor too?" and "Is there anything Zexion CAN'T do?" I ignored them, focusing solely on Roxas, speaking the lines from memory alone. Afterwards, Roxas caught me and shook his head, "They're right, y'know." I knew what he meant but I smiled crookedly and said, "About what?" "There's nothing you can't do. You can dance, act and play piano; you're a triple threat. I'm sure you have more talents that I don't know about."

"Oh, I don't know about that being completely true~" "Fine. What can't you do?" I used this chance to try and get through to him as I kneeled down on my knees, took his hand, and whispered softly, "I can't make you like me..." I kissed his hand softly, my eyes looking into his. His eyes softened as he sank down to my level and a smile graced his features, "Oh, that's where you're wrong. You don't need to make me like you more then I already do." Roxas closed his eyes as his lips met mine gently, softly, just like how a first kiss should be.

A/N: I found this in an old journal of mine and I didn't understand why I hadn't posted it, so here it is(: I hope you like it! Please review and fav!
Triple Threat - Roxion
Here is an fanfic i wrote forever ago as a sequel to Dancer, Enjoy!!

If you haven't read the first part, here it is:…

Please review and fav!!!


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he's gorgeous, blonde, funny, crazy(in a good way), and an all around sweetheart just like his boss, Adam Lambert! I love Tommy:heart::heart::heart:

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hey guys!! i'm alive!! *halleluja chorus*

i'm so sorry i've been virtually DEAD for the past few months, grounded from the computer>.<

but i'm back! and i have a lot of stories to type so please be patient. I should be able to get them all up within the week but I'm not sure, for some reason I'm really paranoid about people watching me type at school and my boyfriend reading my stuff as i type):

this is a very short journal but i have explained a little bit better in my A/N for Marked 7 (go check it out i you haven't yet!--->… )

well i'll talk to you ppls tmrw.

bye byez~
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